Sunday, August 2, 2015

MCU: The Next Phase?

So, here's a question... We know that the Infinity War is coming up soon and that Thanos will be the main villain but it seems like almost every other past movie's villain had been able to control a portion of the Infinity Stones/Gems. It would make much sense for Thanos to utilize these past villains as a plot.

Red Skull, Loki, Ronan, Ultron, and Malekith mainly are the ones I am referring to. All of which had seemingly been killed on screen. Well, save for Loki who is off pretending to be Odin at the current moment. Red Skull, for all we know, got beamed away by the Tesseract. That leaves Malekith, Ronan, and Ultron to explain. Ultron seemed to well calculated to not have a back up on a remote server or cloud to come back with a new robotic body.

Malekith had a hatred for both Loki and Thor. Thanos would be wise to bring Malekith back to use against the Avengers in the Infinity Wars battle. Malekith might not be able to go full round for round against the likes of Thor but that should slow him down. The issue is that Malekith did seemingly get crushed by his own ship in Thor. But let's not forget to mention that Malekith did have a healing factor and body was found.

Now, to go hand in hand as a way to bring back Ronan who was destroyed in Guardians of the Galaxy... let's not forget that of all the current villains that we have seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that Thanos is probably angry with Ronan the most. He did disobey Thanos in their agreement and he stole the gem that was supposed to be given back to Thanos. He also challenged Thanos' might. I could see Thanos reanimating Ronan as one of his new pawns against the Avengers/Guardians.

Sure, the dynamics of Thanos controlling these villains will be tough. But let's remember; Malekith wants to make the Asgardians suffer. Loki wants to rule Asgard. Ultron wants to rule Earth. Red Skull wants to rule Earth as well. Ronan wants to have the Kree prosper and rule pretty much their area of space. Thanos wants to rule everything.

I'm banking on that if Thanos was to offer each of them part of a promise to get their wish fulfilled if they swear allegiance to him, that you'd have a pretty good league of Anti-Avengers for the the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy to deal with. Sure, one on one, these villains were not able to beat their counterpart but keep in mind, Ultron nearly destroyed the Avengers on his own. Toss in Red Skull to keep Captain America occupied, Malekith to handle Thor, and Ronan to handle the Guardians, you're not giving the Avengers the one thing they do best at; taking on a threat as a team. They would be too divided to handle whatever else Thanos was going to toss at him.

Now, the only flaw in this possible outcome is; where will Loki really stand? He's survived failing Thanos and I'm sure that's not going to forgotten by our cosmic conqueror. Just as much as we can remember that Loki won't want to submit to Thanos; right now he's living the dream even if it is a complete deception. He has the throne of Asgard. Why would he want to risk giving up his complete rule to having to fulfill his 'debt' to Thanos?

If Thanos was to put this Cosmic Cabal into play, would Loki break off to tell his brother? Sure, Loki doesn't want to have Thor pay attention to Asgard but with Thanos having conquest on his mind... his Asgardian playground is possibly going to be threatened.

Besides, why would Loki want to get his hands dirty in this fight when he can play dirty and let Thor and his friends battle Team Thanos?

So, the question is... Do you think we'll see the other villains pop up in the upcoming Infinity Wars? If so, where are you going to think where Loki is going to stand; with Thor or Thanos?