Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Summer's Over?

Hey there, comic book and movie fans! It's a day late and that's because we were taking a day off for Labor Day. It appears that summer is just around for a few more days as everyone is getting ready to go back to school and work. I celebrated turning 29 on Saturday... 

So, let's go over our Weekend Wind Down... 

The most recent episode of Breaking Bad was pretty epic; I definitely recommend you all get around to watching it if you have ever seen an episode of it. If you haven't seen any, I am urging you to go watch Season 1 and get caught up. I can't spoil or ruin this series by telling anyone about what just happened! 

The other thing I have noticed that I want to talk about was on a Marvel forum. Why do Marvel fans feel the need to rip into DC? Seriously, I know there are probably DC fans that rip apart Marvel as well so this conversation can go both ways. Marvel and DC have a lot in common but also have differences. I can go into the list of what they have in common and what they don't but it's trivial. 

I'm glad that there is another comic book company out there that makes Marvel have to compete. Marvel cannot get too cocky so they need to watch what DC does and vice versa. Take what happened when with pro-wrestling during the end of WCW; WWE (or was it WWF still?) started coming up with bad plots because they knew that they had the audience now. Or look at it when there is only one gas station in your town... they now have the monopoly and control the pricing. When there are two or more, each has to earn your business. 

So why do fans of Marvel or fans of DC feel they need to attack the other? I'm really puzzled. I've seen some of the flame wars go on where a fan of Marvel will refer to people who like DC as being almost an inferior sub-species of human. There's a lot of hostility between the two different groups. While most of my comic book merchandise is Marvel-based, I will sit down and enjoy a good DC storyline or cartoon series. Batman the Animated Series was pretty epic and still very timeless.

So, can anyone tell me why they hate DC or Marvel so much when they read the only the other's publisher? And can you do it intellectually without using hate slurs? And can you do it while citing story lines that you read from start to finish? 

If so, I'd like to hear from you! If not, can't we all just get along?