Friday, March 27, 2015

SecureAPlus... My new secret Weapon against Malware.

There are truly all kinds of anti-malware applications out there that promise the world but sometimes, they just do not deliver what they are claiming that they are doing. Like PCMatic claims that you get a free download but when you download that program, it just wants you to give them your credit card. It is a joke, especially if you ever see those commercials. They make it look like it is a real life conversation between friends or a husband and wife... and that PCMatic can promise you the world. Like seriously, they act all crazy for this program but the minute you download it, it starts to ask for money before results. 

I have nothing against Randy White and I am sure he is a really good guy and intelligent but why would I trust a NFL player's opinion about what I want on my computer for the anti-virus programs? Seriously, that's like having Bill Gates tell you to go Olive Garden. "When I don't feel like spending my real money, I'm going to Olive Garden. It's pocket change!" 

Bill Gates Dont care - Gotta love Olive Garden. It's not like I can't just fly to Italy...

So, then there's MalwareBytes. It's my been my favorite fall safe to use for quite some time. It really has always done the job whenever I needed it to... For the most part... but the free version sometimes just happens to miss something and my Google Chrome goes crazy on me. So where does that leave me? It leaves me looking for another Freemum program out there.

Today, I'm looking at SecureAPlus. What's that you ask? Before you really get to know that, I suggest you check here:

A True Friend is One that Cares to Share.
You Just Got 15 Months of SecureAPlus for Free.
Scott Barnes recommends SecureAPlus, the only computer security solution you'll ever need.
There's plenty of reasons people recommend SecureAPlus.
Here's why Scott Barnes does:
  • Get one of the highest detection rates possible with 12 Anti-Virus engines combined.
  • Guaranteed protection from zero-day threats that 90% of other AVs couldn't detect immediately.
  • Full system scans so smart & fast, it's usually done in under a minute.
  • Retain maximum computer performance even during scans through the use of Cloud technology.
  • Get all features without spending a single cent & no annoying prompts to upgrade to a paid version.
  • Easily use it forever through our rewarding Viral Security program.
Download SecureAPlus Today
That's pretty good. A full year and then three months extra of free anti-virus software that doesn't slow down your PC or keep asking for a credit card? Awesome. I'm game. So far, I have been using this software for about a day and found no malware. Granted I have three other anti-malware programs running as well but so far, I am really digging this.  

Easy interface. Easy to use. It's free for 15 months but then it allows you to earn free extended time by using social media and reviews to give yourself a couple months or forever for free. I'm digging that it's fast, not a resource hog, and the free upgrades. 

For more information, check this review out: