Monday, August 26, 2013

The Return and Breaking Bad!

After what was possibly the worst couples days physically for me, I am alive and finally able to focus on returning the site to start what I really wanted to do; start up the site. Ever since Super Storm Sandy, we've had a failure to launch and that blame rests on my shoulders. With that said, I'm not going to delay anymore.

That being said, I'm kicking off with Breaking Bad; which is in the final season of the series. This will contain spoilers and this will be coming from a person who got into the series just before the midpoint of Season 5 and watched every episode on Netflix until he was caught up...

The Basics:

  • Walter White was a high school science teacher who found out he was dying of cancer.
  • Hank, Walt's brother-in-law, takes Walt out to show him what he does for a living; crack down on drugs.
  • Walter recognizes one of the meth cooks as one of his past students, Jesse Pinkman.
  • Walt decides to team up with Jesse to make meth. Walt wants to use the money to treat his cancer and take care of his family if he cannot beat the cancer.
  • For most of Season 1, Walt seemed to actually not approve of what he was doing and the issues involved with the drug world. He didn't like having to kill people. 
  • Walt actually cared about Jesse for most of Season 1 as well.
  • As the series continues, Walt eventually gets too entrenched with the drug world. When he wants out, he cannot get out for various reasons; others won't let him leave because of how great his product is OR he realizes how much money can be made.
  • Jesse eventually wants out. He wants out of the drugs as well. He keeps meeting girls of interest and he is watching how his lifestyle is affecting them. One of the girls he cares for dies during an overdose.
  • The White family is starting to crumble as Walt's wife has an affair and is no longer happy with him. Eventually Walt is able to fix all that.
  • Hank eventually realizes that Walt is the meth cook and dealer he has been after for so long and confronts him. He just doesn't have the evidence needed. 

That takes us to Episode 511 properly titled "Confessions." The police have Jesse in custody in a questioning room. Jesse isn't cooperating; especially now that Hank is in the room with him. Fortunately, Jesse's devious lawyer, Saul, is able to get Jesse out with bail. Fortunately for Walt, Jesse also didn't speak about anything to Hank. However, Hank did mention to Jesse that if he talked about Walt, he'll do his best to get a deal cut for Jesse to walk away.

Meanwhile with the Whites, there's a showdown with Hank against Walt. They meet up at a restaurant to talk; Walt's still denying Hank's claim. Hank wants Walt to confess. Walt decides to leave and gives Hank a copy of a DVD that has his 'confession.' It's filled with deceptions but it incriminates Hank as being the reason why Walt was 'forced' into the drug world. Hank allegedly has been using his connections and his resources with the DEA to run a hidden drug front. Of course, Skyler and Marie are both sticking to their husband's side. It's at this point where Hank finds out that Walt paid for his recovery surgery from when he got shot badly while trying to take down the drug cartels that were after him. With that information, Hank feels broken.

Now back to the saga of Jesse Pinkman. Jesse has been acting pretty depressed since a big heist of getting chemicals needed. A small boy was killed for what he had witnessed and that has made Jesse very remote and distant. Saul sets up a meeting between Walt and Jesse; the two partners had split a while back. Saul and Walt convince Jesse to leave New Mexico and start a new life. Saul even gets Jesse in contact with someone to set him up with new IDs and a new life.

While Jesse is waiting at the pick up location for his new life to start, he starts to figure out something because of the cigarettes he was about to smoke. He realizes that Walt had used ricin to poison Brock; the child of a woman Jesse cared about. Walt used Brock's illness to inspire Jesse to helping him take out Gus. Once again, the element of a young, innocent boy getting dragged into things because of Walt emotionally charges Jesse. This time Jesse decided to take action into his own hands. He heads back to Saul's office to confront him and then takes off. Saul warns Walt about how Jesse is now off the chain.

The episode ends with Jesse breaking into the White's home and he is pouring excessive amounts of gasoline through the place. For anyone who has been following Breaking Bad regularly this season, we've seen that Walt's house is in ruins in a 'flash forward' opening scene for the episode of Blood Money.

With this being said, what is next for Jesse? We know that Walt has his revolver now in his possession...

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Coming Back! For real! This time!

Starting this upcoming Monday, we will be back in the full swing of things as we first review "New Jersey's Collectors Con" in Cherry Hill. NJCC is an awesome place and a great time for all who go!

I'll write up somethings later. This is just a test for now!