Sunday, August 2, 2015

MCU: The Next Phase?

So, here's a question... We know that the Infinity War is coming up soon and that Thanos will be the main villain but it seems like almost every other past movie's villain had been able to control a portion of the Infinity Stones/Gems. It would make much sense for Thanos to utilize these past villains as a plot.

Red Skull, Loki, Ronan, Ultron, and Malekith mainly are the ones I am referring to. All of which had seemingly been killed on screen. Well, save for Loki who is off pretending to be Odin at the current moment. Red Skull, for all we know, got beamed away by the Tesseract. That leaves Malekith, Ronan, and Ultron to explain. Ultron seemed to well calculated to not have a back up on a remote server or cloud to come back with a new robotic body.

Malekith had a hatred for both Loki and Thor. Thanos would be wise to bring Malekith back to use against the Avengers in the Infinity Wars battle. Malekith might not be able to go full round for round against the likes of Thor but that should slow him down. The issue is that Malekith did seemingly get crushed by his own ship in Thor. But let's not forget to mention that Malekith did have a healing factor and body was found.

Now, to go hand in hand as a way to bring back Ronan who was destroyed in Guardians of the Galaxy... let's not forget that of all the current villains that we have seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that Thanos is probably angry with Ronan the most. He did disobey Thanos in their agreement and he stole the gem that was supposed to be given back to Thanos. He also challenged Thanos' might. I could see Thanos reanimating Ronan as one of his new pawns against the Avengers/Guardians.

Sure, the dynamics of Thanos controlling these villains will be tough. But let's remember; Malekith wants to make the Asgardians suffer. Loki wants to rule Asgard. Ultron wants to rule Earth. Red Skull wants to rule Earth as well. Ronan wants to have the Kree prosper and rule pretty much their area of space. Thanos wants to rule everything.

I'm banking on that if Thanos was to offer each of them part of a promise to get their wish fulfilled if they swear allegiance to him, that you'd have a pretty good league of Anti-Avengers for the the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy to deal with. Sure, one on one, these villains were not able to beat their counterpart but keep in mind, Ultron nearly destroyed the Avengers on his own. Toss in Red Skull to keep Captain America occupied, Malekith to handle Thor, and Ronan to handle the Guardians, you're not giving the Avengers the one thing they do best at; taking on a threat as a team. They would be too divided to handle whatever else Thanos was going to toss at him.

Now, the only flaw in this possible outcome is; where will Loki really stand? He's survived failing Thanos and I'm sure that's not going to forgotten by our cosmic conqueror. Just as much as we can remember that Loki won't want to submit to Thanos; right now he's living the dream even if it is a complete deception. He has the throne of Asgard. Why would he want to risk giving up his complete rule to having to fulfill his 'debt' to Thanos?

If Thanos was to put this Cosmic Cabal into play, would Loki break off to tell his brother? Sure, Loki doesn't want to have Thor pay attention to Asgard but with Thanos having conquest on his mind... his Asgardian playground is possibly going to be threatened.

Besides, why would Loki want to get his hands dirty in this fight when he can play dirty and let Thor and his friends battle Team Thanos?

So, the question is... Do you think we'll see the other villains pop up in the upcoming Infinity Wars? If so, where are you going to think where Loki is going to stand; with Thor or Thanos?

Friday, March 27, 2015

SecureAPlus... My new secret Weapon against Malware.

There are truly all kinds of anti-malware applications out there that promise the world but sometimes, they just do not deliver what they are claiming that they are doing. Like PCMatic claims that you get a free download but when you download that program, it just wants you to give them your credit card. It is a joke, especially if you ever see those commercials. They make it look like it is a real life conversation between friends or a husband and wife... and that PCMatic can promise you the world. Like seriously, they act all crazy for this program but the minute you download it, it starts to ask for money before results. 

I have nothing against Randy White and I am sure he is a really good guy and intelligent but why would I trust a NFL player's opinion about what I want on my computer for the anti-virus programs? Seriously, that's like having Bill Gates tell you to go Olive Garden. "When I don't feel like spending my real money, I'm going to Olive Garden. It's pocket change!" 

Bill Gates Dont care - Gotta love Olive Garden. It's not like I can't just fly to Italy...

So, then there's MalwareBytes. It's my been my favorite fall safe to use for quite some time. It really has always done the job whenever I needed it to... For the most part... but the free version sometimes just happens to miss something and my Google Chrome goes crazy on me. So where does that leave me? It leaves me looking for another Freemum program out there.

Today, I'm looking at SecureAPlus. What's that you ask? Before you really get to know that, I suggest you check here:

A True Friend is One that Cares to Share.
You Just Got 15 Months of SecureAPlus for Free.
Scott Barnes recommends SecureAPlus, the only computer security solution you'll ever need.
There's plenty of reasons people recommend SecureAPlus.
Here's why Scott Barnes does:
  • Get one of the highest detection rates possible with 12 Anti-Virus engines combined.
  • Guaranteed protection from zero-day threats that 90% of other AVs couldn't detect immediately.
  • Full system scans so smart & fast, it's usually done in under a minute.
  • Retain maximum computer performance even during scans through the use of Cloud technology.
  • Get all features without spending a single cent & no annoying prompts to upgrade to a paid version.
  • Easily use it forever through our rewarding Viral Security program.
Download SecureAPlus Today
That's pretty good. A full year and then three months extra of free anti-virus software that doesn't slow down your PC or keep asking for a credit card? Awesome. I'm game. So far, I have been using this software for about a day and found no malware. Granted I have three other anti-malware programs running as well but so far, I am really digging this.  

Easy interface. Easy to use. It's free for 15 months but then it allows you to earn free extended time by using social media and reviews to give yourself a couple months or forever for free. I'm digging that it's fast, not a resource hog, and the free upgrades. 

For more information, check this review out:


Friday, February 13, 2015

Marvel Heroes 2015 MMO

Marvel Heroes 2015 MMO

by Edwin 'Kibo' Gowatski

Over the course of the last two months, I asked anyone who plays the game, who do you want to see in Marvel Heroes? Those surveyed were asked to supply their top 5 picks for either characters, NpCs, or villains. The results were interesting and wildly varied,but there were a few overwhelming (and rather obvious) favorites  as well as a couple of obscure characters. Here are the tallied results.


  This one went right down the middle....the people want to go toe to toe with the biggest and baddest. Not shocking that these two would be at the top, but a little surprising how evenly favored they are! Honestly, at least one of these bad boys showed up on all but two lists, with most lists having both!
  Either one of these would open up a whole world of possibilities. Just off the cuff,Apocalypse could feature in a Clan Akkabha setting or a full Age of Apocalypse side chapter or One Shot. Thanos could have a featured One Shot in the Cancerverse (hey,they already gave us Cancerverse Hulk!)  or a myriad of other invasion story-lines for main story mode. Both big bads should of course be complemented with their signature underlings (Four Horsemen  and  the Black Order, at minimum, respectively).
    It is a tall order,for sure,but here is hoping that Gazillion listens and gets cooking!


  I'll admit, this was totally unexpected. I am not a fan of this character, but I do not dislike  him/them either. Fantomex is just kind of there for me, but apparently this faux French thief has stolen a lot of hearts. He came up on more than  half of the lists, with most wanting him playable, some just wanting him around in game.

4.CARNAGE (boss or playable)

  This one got a lot of votes,in varying spots of favor. The reasoning behind him is pretty easy to peg: we have Spiderman, we have let's get the big bad that really made them put aside their differences. The only hold up on this is that Carnage is a fiiiiine line, almost too adult-situational for the game...but if they could get him in the comics in '90s, I am sure they can shoehorn him in easily enough. With the recent events in the comics (Axis), a playable Carnage could even be possible.

UPDATE: Literally ONE day after the original write up of this article, Gaz announced the upcoming MH2015 of which? You guessed  it! Gaz hears us, it seems.

5. DEATH'S HEAD (playable hero)

   Talk about a dark horse favorite. As a fan of DH, in any incarnation, I can get behind this one in a blink. However,I wouldnt be too optimistic about getting him as anything but an NPC in the near future; even that is a longshot. Still, everyone's favorite Freelance Peace  Keeping Agent would be a huge shake up and a breath of fresh air, yes?

Most obscure/honorable mentions:

   Names that came up in a frequently recurring theme: Punisher villains. I put them together as they each got two to four votes by name, not amounting to much alone. These guys could fit just about anywhere and would be a nice addition to the Big Bad meat-bags gallery.

  Apparently there are a good many Moon Knight fans out there, and they want their MK vs Bushman throw-down. Not a bad idea, not one of my first choices, but certainly would be welcome.

WOW! I had all but completely forgotten about this guy! With ONE vote only,apparently I am not the only one who forgot him. Well someone remembered ya! Interestingly,with a power set that could be compared (loosely) with Rogue's, he could actually be made. Apologies to D., however, but I honestly do not see this one happening any time soon.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Deadpool's Mask Prototype Unveiled... Oh Yeah, and Some Gloves Too

By Abigail Jensen

Now is the time to start counting down the days to see Deadpool the movie. It will be a year from now, to the day when Deadpool explodes… (Bang! BANG!) into theaters. Hold on to your butts; this movie is looking great!
Ryan Reynolds recently tweeted a picture of the prototype Deadpool mask and gloves as seen below:

Cancel your reservations to your favorite chimichanga joint and run to a theater near you on February 12, 2016.  

Valentine's Day Picks!

By Abigail Jensen

Valentine’s Day is coming up! We would love to share with you our favorite movies during this time of year; hoping you agree with some of them or you find a new favorite romantic movie.
Okay… not too lovey-dovey, to the point of stifled gags. If so, we will warn you.
Girl tested-boyfriend approved, and vise versa.

Abigail’s Personal 7 Favorites:

7. The Wedding Date (PG-13):
I thoroughly enjoy watching The Wedding Date. It is a hard core chick flick with a smidge of comedy.
Kat (Deborah Messing) hires a male escort (Dermot Mulroney) to her step sister’s (Amy Adams) wedding in England. Why hire a date to a wedding? To show her ex-fiancĂ© and her family that she has moved on to bigger and better things.
This movie is my guilty pleasure; great to watch with a few girlfriends and a side of ice-cream. I would not, in good faith, force my significant other to watch this movie with me.
6. P.S. I Love You (PG-13):
P.S. I Love You gives you a great excuse to let out all of your sorrows into a fresh box of tissues.
Holly (Hilary Swank) loses her husband (Gerard Butler); however, to her surprise, he has left several messages for her to help her on the road to recovery.
So grab your tissues, it’s a good time for a satisfying cry. It has been a stressful week; you deserve it.
5. About Time (R):
Time traveling movies are exciting; anything can happen.
Tim (Domhnall Gleeson) finds out at the age of 21 that he can time travel to change anything in the course of his life. As an awkward lad in the field of romance, he tries to take advantage of his newfound gifts for his favor.
This romance dramedy is a great story with a wonderful moral attached to it. As you can see in the 3rd movie review, I enjoy the wibbly-wobbly, timey-whimy… stuff.
4. Going the Distance (R):
Let’s face it, long distance relationships are tough. Why not sit back, relax, and watch this movie so that you can commiserate with the characters in this flick.
Erin (Drew Barrymore) finds a summer intern position out of state right before she meets Garrett (Justin Long). After finding herself in his apartment, they promise to keep things casual; however, that is easier said than done.
Going the Distance is a great romantic comedy to watch with your friends or significant other. Who knows, maybe you will watch the movie together while on the phone with each other. Make sure you count down together so that you can hit the play button at the same time.
The movie is great for guys and gals. Charlie Day is casted as Garrett’s friend; who does not like Charlie Day, I ask you?

3. The Time Traveler’s Wife (PG-13):
Once you think you know what is going to happen, something else happens.
Henry (Eric Bana) has been time traveling since a young boy. Without warning, he could time travel to big events in his life. Along the way he meets a woman, Clair (Rachel McAdams), who has known him since she was a little girl.
Being a Whovian, I cannot help but love this story. This movie will make you laugh, cry, and hold your significant other a little closer.
2. Bridesmaids (R):
The best part about the movie Bridesmaids is that everyone can relate to it. This movie sums up every funny and awkward moment in a relationship.
Annie (Kristen Wiig) is down on her luck financially and romantically; all the while, being the maid of honor for her best friend, Lillian’s (Maya Rudolph) wedding. Annie finds herself in competition with Lillian’s new friend Helen (Rose Byrne), a fake and pretentious woman who you love to hate.
This is a great laugh out loud romance comedy you can watch with your friends or your man. 
1. Ever After: A Cinderella Story (PG-13):
This movie is a classic chick-flick which is a must watch during the week of Valentine’s Day. It is a whole new look (but old look, now, since the movie was made in 1998) on the Cinderella story.
I love this movie, it is an oldie but a goodie. I cannot even express in words why and how this movie is so good. It feels like it is based on a true story, what with Leonardo Da Vinci as one of Cinderella’s friends. Yes, you read this correctly… Leonardo…Da…Vinci.
If you have not seen this movie; check it out. In fact, I am going to go watch this movie; dust off the ol’ VHS.
Stay tuned as Scott posts his top picks!